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Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best known type of massage. It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation. The therapist generally uses massage cream to facilitate making long, smooth strokes over the body. Swedish massage is performed with the client covered by a sheet, a technique called “draping”. One part of the body is uncovered, massaged, and then covered up before moving on to the next part of the body. Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including sports, deep tissue and hot stone therapy.

45 minutes - $60   |   90 minutes - $110

60 minutes - $80   |   2-hours - $165




Deep Tissue Massage is a specific and intensive massage technique. It focuses specifically on deeper muscles and tissue layers where most strain, stiffness and stress occur. If this is your first time, please note that you may feel a bit sore 1-2 days after receiving massage. Drink plenty of water and it will quickly go away leaving you with a renewed, better feeling body

45 minutes - $65   |   90 minutes - $115

60 minutes - $85   |   2-hours - $170



If you are drawn to a treatment that respects your space and need for privacy, increases your energy levels as well as encourages ease of mind, then Thai massage is for you.

Do you ever wish someone could complete your yoga practice for you? Called ‘the lazy man’s yoga’ by some, Thai massage accomplishes just this, as we put you into several different yoga poses in a slow dance that promotes lengthening and relaxation. Feel your muscular and joint pain slip away as your therapist combines passive stretching with acupressure massage to revitalize energy. No oils, creams, or lotions are used. This is truly a unique experience in the healing arts. Some of the benefits of Thai massage include stress, muscle and pain relief, improved circulation in the blood and lymphatic system, body realignment, better flexibility and stimulation of digestion.

60 minutes - $90   |   90 minutes - $140



Hot stone therapy is very helpful during times of anxiety, sleeplessness and stress. The warmth from the stones dissolves tension, melts muscle aches away, and gently improves circulation. While the client lies on the massage table, the stones are used directly on the skin. The sensation of having warmed stones smoothed across the body is deeply nurturing and relaxing, not to mention incredibly grounding for the mind.

45 minutes - $65   |   90 minutes - $115

60 minutes - $85   |   2-hours - $170




Maternity massage focuses on the mother to be and helps her body adjust to many of the changes it will go through during pregnancy. During your session, extra care will be taken to make sure your body is supported with pillows and you are comfortable. Maternity massage provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints, easing neck and back pain, and helping you to keep good posture. It also relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles. It is a necessity during the second and third trimesters as mama’s belly is growing and putting extra strain on the muscles in her back, legs and abdomen. Vanessa customizes each massage based on your preference, for instance, some mothers love to have their bellies worked on and others do not. Please note it is not advisable to have massage during the first trimester.  

45 minutes - $60   |   60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $110



Used in conjunction with massage, suction cups of varying sizes are attached to specific areas on the body. The suction draws stagnant blood to the surface of the skin and improves blood circulation through the tissues, which can speed the healing process. 

Cupping is available as a $10 upgrade during a Massage session



More information coming soon.

30 minutes - $40   |   60 minutes - $70



Vanessa Vesotski is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.  She has been practicing massage since 2002. She uses her experience with many modalities to provide you with the ultimate healing experience.

Her path to healing began early, working on friends, family, and even pets.  All of the positive feedback she received led her to complete the two year massage therapy program at Trocaire College in Buffalo, New York.

Vanessa spent the first years of her career working in a chiropractic office. She worked in conjunction with the doctors to help patients with their healing process. Through this experience, she gained valuable insight on how to assess and treat musculoskeletal ailments such as whiplash, TMJ, Sciatic nerve pain, and plantar fasciitis.

In 2008, Vanessa decided to change her scenery and began working at Panache Salon and Day Spa. Here, she was able to develop her creativity and learned the importance of the mind/body/spirit connection. 

Upon the birth of her son in 2012, Vanessa switched gears and began to focus on family maintaining a small self run practice. Taking time away inspired her to learn more about Reiki, Hot Stone Therapy, Maternity Massage, and the many uses and benefits of essential oils.  Vanessa has also participated in continuing education for Thai Massage and Cupping and continues to learn everything she can to assist her clients in the healing process. She is currently working in Jamestown, New York at The Aesthetic House.




The Aesthetic House

490 Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown 


Tel: 716 - 640 - 8979


Monday - Saturday 

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